January 2000

The first ever PathMax Distinction Award goes to the designers of the SUNY/Syracuse web page entitled:

Hematopathology Case Studies with a Virtual Microscope

The site enables one to perform a virtual differential count on a bone marrow smear (with the aid of a built in atlas) as an on-line tutorial. The computer keyboard becomes a counter, and the relative percentages of various cell types are calculated within the page. Users can then compare their results to those of the designers.After completing the tutorial, users can launch into three different unknown cases and put their knowledge to the test by making an actual diagnosis.

The winners demonstrate ingenuity in the use of the keyboard as a counter, as well as combine excellent imagery and intuitive design into the tutorial interface. Congratulations to the authors:

Robert Hutchison, MD | Sharad Mathur, MD | Jannie Woo, PhD

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