June 2001

This month's PathMax Distinction Award goes to the designer of the web page entitled:

Virtual Slide Box of Histopathology

The Virtual Slide Box is an organized set of study slides imaged at 400x. The resultant image is viewed using "zoom" technology, allowing virtual , self-directed examination from scanning to 400x using a web browser. This is a very innovative and logical progression in virtual microscopy which has been somewhat slow in coming due to the previously arduous task of scanning a slide and handling the resultant (extremely large) image. Thankfully for users, the transmitted image is actually relatively small, created on the fly from the data set which resides on the server.

I reviewed this technology several years ago and found it fascinating, but very expensive. It appears as if the folks at the University of Iowa have achieved enough funding from several sources to embark upon the gathering and dissemination of fascinating cases via the web.

The winners demonstrate a novel use of a developing technology that they openly share with the rest of the "PC" world. For this, they receive our thanks. Congratulations to the University of Iowa and:

Fred R Dick, MD | Daniel Consoer, BA | Timothy Leaven, MA

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