March 2000

This month's PathMax Distinction Award goes to the designer of the web page entitled:

Diagnostic Liver Pathology

Diagnostic Liver Pathology is an on-line textbook of hepatic pathology. It is organized into fifteen chapters which are searchable via a menu located on the left side of the screen. Each chapter is well written and comprehensive in scope. Embedded links within the text lead to images, figures, and references. When clicked, graphics links open floating windows, allowing the reader to examine the image while still reading. The graphics are of high quality (black & white). The reference links open up citations within the PubMed query system, allowing one to read the abstract as well as order the article. This method of reference linking is becoming the standard in referencing medical materials on the WWW.

The winner demonstrates how well an established pathology textbook can be transitioned into a WWW format, as well as serving as a model for future corporate-sponsored educational projects. Congratulations to:

Randall Lee, MD, his web-design staff, and the sponsors at Fujisawa and Novartis

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