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The PathMax Dermatopathology Forum is a pilot computer-based professional website for dermatopathologists. It is hosted by Yahoo Groups, which provides for a nice set of tools and a free venue in which to host the site. Membership is currently by invitation only, and invitations are only extended to dermatopathologists. Once a core group of dermatopathology members is established, the membership will be polled regarding opening the virtual doors to other members.

The core of the forum is a message board to which members may post messages. All are invited to respond to these postings, and postings and responses can be received by e-mail if the member chooses. In addition, there are areas to notify others about upcoming events, links, images, etc.

If you are a dermatopathologist, and would like access to the site, please contact me with your e-mail address.

Thank you, Shawn E. Cowper, MD

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