The goal of the PMW site is to allow researchers to find cases in other centers, and colleagues who have shared research interests. The hope is that this virtual kiosk will facilitate meaningful research and lead to fruitful academic endeavors.

The service will be free of charge. E-mail your posting to the address listed below. Please include the following:

1. An english language request of no more than 25 words

2. Contact's e-mail address and name

E-mail to:

The editor reserves the right to refuse posting and to shorten the request if it exceeds 25 words. The editor may make slight grammatical changes, where required. At the end of a six month posting period, the submitter will be contacted by e-mail to determine if the posting should be modified or removed. If the submitter does not respond within two weeks, the posting will be removed. The submitter may also contact the editorial staff at any time to make changes to the posting, or to remove it entirely.

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